Teen Driver Education

Supplemental Behind the Wheel Training

Private Lessons

12-Hour Package
6-Hour Package

This in-car driver training package covers everything you need to know about becoming a competent driver and taking the Ohio driving test. It is designed for students who want to hone their driving skills and get some extra practice to prepare for their test. The first 10 hours include private, in-car roadway instruction and two hours of maneuverability practice.

When you’re ready to take your Ohio driving test, your instructor accompanies you to the test center. We schedule your BMV appointment in advance and you may use our vehicle to take the test. The cost of this package is $675.00.

Hone your driving skills and build confidence behind the wheel with private lessons.

The Overbeke School of Driving offers private behind the wheel training packages that help teens and adults hone their driving skills and prepare for the Ohio driver’s test.

Behind the Wheel Training Options:

Test Prep

This package includes an hour of behind the wheel roadway practice and use of our vehicle to take the Ohio driving test. The cost is $130 for adults and $100 for teens. Extra hours of practice may be added at an additional cost.

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We offer superior training, ongoing communication, and honest feedback to ensure your student driver is ready for the open road.

A vital element of our white glove service is being candid with our students about their progress and driving skills. If an instructor believes that a student is not ready to take the Ohio driving test, we provide recommendations on the skills they can improve on to get more prepared.

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Our patient, knowledgeable instructors at the Overbeke School of Driving are dedicated to helping students learn the motoring skills they need to stay safe on the road and pass the Ohio driving test. Contact us at 216-765-0600, or register for classes online today!