Teen Driver Education

Juvenile Driving Improvement Program (JDIP)

JDIP Training & Support

Operating a motor vehicle as an inexperienced driver can be a bumpy road.

When your teen driver has been ordered to complete a Juvenile Driver Improvement Program (JDIP), count on Overbeke School of Driving in Cleveland Heights to provide superior training and support. Our program lets your teen experience true improvement as a driver. Our instructors are committed to student success and have tremendous experience mentoring new drivers through challenging scenarios.

About JDIP

The Juvenile Driver Improvement Program is a court-ordered program designed to help improve driver safety in young adults.

A judge can order a teenage driver to attend a Juvenile Driver Improvement Program when they have received either (2) moving vehicle violations within a six month period or (3) violations within a calendar year. Often, a teen’s license is suspended at the same time as they are ordered to attend additional driving training to become more experienced and proficient as a driver.

Course Overview

The Juvenile Driver Improvement program consists of (6) hours of classroom training.

We review some of the most important driving practices with students, ensuring they’ll be safer, more confident motorists when they get back on the road. JDIP is an opportunity to reinforce the skills and learning students experienced during their initial driver’s education program. For students whose licenses have already been suspended, we’ll ensure that you understand how to approach the process of license reinstatement. At the conclusion of the JDIP course, all students receive a certificate of completion.

Enroll Today in JDIP

As soon as a court orders JDIP attendance to keep or earn back a teen driver’s license, sign up with the Overbeke School of Driving to enroll in the next scheduled class. Once we receive your registration information, we’ll be in touch to build expectations for the class and the reinstatement process and discuss payment arrangements. Overbeke offers white-glove treatment to every student wherever they are in their driving education experience.