Teen Drivers Education Classes

Driver Education Program (for teens)

Educating Safe Drivers

Getting a driver's license is a much-anticipated milestone in the lives of many teenagers.

At the Overbeke School of Driving, our experienced team of professional driving instructors is committed to helping both teens and adults learn how to stay safe on the road. In addition to our Cleveland teen driver’s education classes, we offer behind-the-wheel private lessons and a state-certified online courses that satisfies the state drivers education requirement for 24 hours of in-class training.

Teen Driver's Ed

Teen driver’s education classes & In-Car instruction  cover all the necessary information and skills practices a student needs to become a safe driver and pass state licensing requirements.

Behind the Wheel Training (add-on)

The Overbeke School of Driving offers private behind the wheel training packages that help teens and adults hone their driving skills and prepare for the Ohio driver’s test.

Driving Test Practice

The Overbeke School of Driving offers 1-Hour of behind the wheel roadway practice before you take the Ohio driver’s test and the use of our vehicle to take the test.

In-Car Instruction (and online student in-car registration)

To complete driver’s education requirements for drivers under 18 in Ohio, online students need to complete in-car driving lessons. The Overbeke School of Driving gives online students the hands-on experience necessary to pass their driving tests on the first attempt.

Juvenile Driving Improvement Program

When your teen driver has been ordered to complete a Juvenile Driver Improvement Program (JDIP), count on us to provide superior training and support. Our program lets your teen experience true improvement as a driver.

Online Driver's Ed

In Ohio, new drivers are required to receive 24 hours of classroom instruction to apply for a driver’s license. We offer a state-certified online driver’s ed course that allows you to complete classroom hours at your convenience.

Flexible Schedules

Affordable and Convenient Driver Education Classes for People of All Ages.

We understand that high school students often have rigorous academic and extracurricular schedules. The Overbeke School of Driving allows students to custom-design their own programs to fit their specific needs and lifestyles. Our state-approved evening and weekend teen driver education courses include 10 classroom sessions that can be taken in any order.

We also partner with a state-certified online course that allows you to fulfill your classroom hours at your convenience. After only two hours of online training, you can sign up for our affordable behind-the-wheel training that gives you the skills, driving techniques and confidence you need to become a safe and competent driver. You may also sign up for hands-on lessons if you have completed another state-approved driver education course.

Students must be 15 years 5 months at their first session in order to register.

Our Philosophy

Our Commitment to Safety and Excellence

At the Overbeke School of Driving, our mission is to identify and encourage safe, competent motoring skills for all of our students. Operating a motor vehicle comes with great responsibility. Our caring, accomplished instructors help teens understand and manage the implicit risks and dangers they may encounter on the road. Our teen driver’s education classes in Cleveland Heights are designed to encourage students to make logical decisions when faced with safety issues. Open, relevant dialogue is encouraged and helps students connect theoretical driving concepts and concerns to in-car, hands-on situations.

Enroll Today - Teen Driver's Education Classes

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