Adult Abbreviated


$10 fuel fee not included. Course is non-refundable. All students MUST complete a signed training agreement and bring it to the first behind the wheel lesson, unless they have submitted it in the electronically.

A representative will contact you within one week of your registration for scheduling.  If you do not hear from us within one week, please email our office at [email protected]

Course Options * 


In-Class + In-Car

Fulfills the state requirements for adult abbreviated driver’s education.  This course provides a comprehensive driver’s education curriculum including a maneuverability course.  Instruction consists of (4) hours of in-class instruction and (4) hours of behind the wheel training.

In-Class ONLY

A student who chooses to take the driver’s education in-classroom portion of the Adult Abbreviated course will get a certificate of completion showing just the in-class completion.  We cover all the material in the state curriculum for Adult Abbreviated drivers education but the student must take twenty-four hours of behind the wheel training with a licensed adult and have that notarized if not doing the in-car portion with our school.


An adult student can choose to take an online version of the 4-hour Adult Abbreviated course and attend our school for the 4 hours of behind the wheel.  If this option is chosen, the student must provide us with the completion certificate that was mailed to them from the online provider. The 4 hours of training cover the state curriculum for the Adult Abbreviated in-car lessons.  Overbeke School of Driving goes above and beyond the state minimums and continues to work on areas of weakness that the student feels they have. We will work with the student until they feel comfortable not only behind the wheel for the test but more importantly for them to become safe drivers for their future. A certificate of completion will be issued to the student at the end of the lessons.


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