Adult Driver Education

Driver Education Program (for adults)

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Overbeke School of Driving provides flexible, convenient, and comprehensive driving classes for adults.

Whether you are new to driving, interested in taking a refresher course or required by the state of Ohio to take adult driving classes, the Overbeke School of Driving offers flexible adult driving classes and private lessons that can be customized to fit your schedule.

Adult Abbreviated

The state of Ohio requires new drivers age 18 or older who have taken the driving exam but didn’t pass the maneuverability and/or road test to take an adult abbreviated driver’s education course.

We offer packages that include in-class and in-car training or separate classes for in-class and private behind the wheel training. Adult students can choose to take an online version of the 4-hour adult abbreviated course and attend our school for four hours of behind the wheel instruction. You may also choose to have a driving instructor accompany you to the Ohio driving test.

When your abbreviated adult driver training course is successfully completed, we issue you a certificate of completion that you must present to the Ohio Driver Exam Station when you go to retake the test. Our affordable adult abbreviated classes are held daily.

Private Lessons

Private Driving Lessons/Driving Test Practice

The Overbeke School of Driving offers private driving lessons that are designed to sharpen your driving skills and prepare you for taking the Ohio driving test. In addition, we also offer an hour of in-car roadway practice before you take the Ohio driver’s test and the use of our vehicle to take the test with.

Curriculum & Instructors

We offer superior training, ongoing communication, and honest feedback to ensure you are ready for the open road.

Our curriculum and instructors at the Overbeke School of Driving go above and beyond state minimums and help students continue to work on areas in which they’d like to improve their knowledge and driving skills. We will work with you and provide constructive feedback until you gain the skills you need to stay safe on the road, feel comfortable behind the wheel and be prepared to take the Ohio driving test.

Class Locations

We offer a variety of flexible and convenient locations.

All driving classes for adults are held at either Beaumont High School or the Mandel JCC (Arts & Crafts building or the Stonehill Auditorium, 26001 South Woodland).

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